Using video to demonstrate the expertise of a structural repair company

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Using video to demonstrate the expertise of a structural repair company

CLIENT: Optera
PROJECT: Videography and photography

Project summary

MV Visual Media was commissioned by Optera to produce a video on their root barrier installations.

The video was needed to demonstrate the process, highlight the expertise involved and show the benefits of the procedure. It was to be shown during a talk by Optera at a construction forum on the subject of subsidence.

The forum would be attended by leading construction firms and insurance companies, so it was vital for Optera to make the right impression.

On this project, we worked with the team at Zube Creative, who designed infographics for the video and who oversee all Optera’s marketing materials.

Experts in structural repair

Optera is a leading structural repairs specialist for the domestic insurance sector. They’re experts in structural security and their work includes repairs to drainage systems, riverbanks, and retaining walls — and installing root barriers.

A root barrier is installed underground to separate natural roots from nearby constructions. The barrier allows trees and plants to grow next to buildings and walkways without the risk of their roots causing structural damage.

An ongoing partnership

Optera is a long-term client of ours. Prior to this project we’d worked on many other commissions and had established an exceptional working relationship.

Working together for so long means we have an in-depth understanding of Optera’s business and what they want to see. They know we can produce whatever they need and can trust that it will be on-brief and on-brand.

If they have a more complex brief, like this one, we can take a more collaborative approach, using our creative input and ideas to help push the brief in a braver and more exciting direction.

By choosing to work with us for all their photography and videography needs, Optera had accumulated a whole visual media library of past projects — all with the same style, feel and quality. This was a considerable advantage for this project. It enabled us to show a selection of Optera’s other work that would help promote the company and its services.

Our photography includes Optera’s:

  • Head office
  • Team headshots
  • Construction projects
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Marketing shoots
  • Launches.

In addition, we have video including:

  • Video testimonials
  • Training videos
  • Drone footage
  • Onsite videography.

The project brief

When the project was first proposed, our videographer, Mark, met with Spencer Caizley, director at Optera, to go through the requirements for the video.

The initial brief was to create a 15-20-minute video for their talk on root barrier installations. The bulk of the video would cover the root barrier installation itself. This would then be followed by a series of previous videos we’d taken, showcasing Optera’s other projects. Photographs and drone footage would also be included.

When planning a video shoot, Mark usually goes through a range of different options with the client. But on this occasion, it was clear to see exactly what was needed.

The plan for the video

Optera would organise a suitable root barrier installation for Mark to film. He’d do the videography using different camera angles to create an engaging dynamic. Then, in post-production, we’d add a voiceover by Spencer to describe the process as it happened.

The video would be finished with a montage from Optera’s existing photography and videography library, which we already had on file. We would create a storyboard for the montage based on the relevant media we had available.

Video preproduction: before the shoot

To prepare for the shoot, we studied existing videos of root barrier installations to see what was involved and get an understanding of the process.

This was also a chance to scope out any potential dangers. As a CSCS construction card holder, Mark is trained to work safely on construction sites. He takes responsibility for himself and for conducting the shoot with everyone’s safety in mind.

On the lead up to the video shoot, we stayed in touch with Spencer and the forum organisers, so we were kept fully informed of all the deadlines and other requirements.

Video production: the shoot

On the morning of the shoot, Mark met with Spencer and Optera’s H&S officer for a health and safety briefing.

Spencer then took him through the process and introduced him to the rest of the team. Mark made sure everyone understood the purpose of the video and the exact points we needed to capture.

The filming day was really productive and everyone was keen to get involved and play their part to make it a success.

Video post-production: after the shoot

Collating the footage

We start the post-production process by going through the footage and deleting anything that isn’t required. We then collate the rest of the film into a clear and coherent sequence.

As this project had followed a process from start to finish, the filming was already in order. It took about a day and a half to edit and fine tune it to a point where we were satisfied.

Adding the audio

A copy of the first draft video was sent to Spencer, so he could plan his commentary for each stage of the process. We then met at Optera’s head office to record his voiceover.

When the voiceover and music had been added to the root barrier part of the video, we sent it back to Spencer to get it signed off.

Creating the visual media showreel

One of the many benefits of long-term client relationships is having an archive of their existing visual media at your fingertips. This came in handy for creating the montage at the end of the video. And it meant we were able to easily choose and import the relevant video clips.

Integrating and animating the graphic elements

The team at Zube Creative had designed infographics to be incorporated in the video. We turned these into short animations and added them to the video, along with more photographs and video clips to create an introduction.

The video was now in a finished state and ready for its premier.

Feedback and changes to the project

At Optera’s head office, the video had its first showing in full. And the directors of Optera and Zube Creative all had front-row seats.

The meeting after a first showing is always exciting, with everyone sharing their opinions and ideas. It’s also the time when we discuss possible changes that will push the project beyond the brief and add even more of a wow factor.

In this instance, it was decided that the project would benefit from some advanced transitions that would give it a dynamic twist.

Making the changes

To achieve the advanced transitions discussed, we needed to implement some complex transition techniques.

Although we’d seen similar transitions in action, we’d never attempted them ourselves before, so we knew this would be a challenge. But we do like a challenge and it often adds a new skill to our set.

The other challenge was the timescale. It was tight, but manageable and we were able to make all the changes in time for the deadline.

Delivery of the final project

The final project was delivered in two parts: the main video, created for the forum; and a second video for Optera’s website, which just showed the root barrier installation itself.

The subsidence forum was a big success, attended by more than 220 delegates. Spencer presented the video, which was very well-received. After it had played, he hosted a Q&A with members of the audience.

It was satisfying to know those final changes had been worthwhile. They had helped Optera to captivate their audience and build trust in their brand.

Ultimately, it also gave Spencer the confidence to engage with potential clients at the event and to make new connections that would be invaluable to the company going forward.

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