Drone photography

Whether you want to market your business or plan a site survey, drone photography will give your project a whole new perspective.

Our drone photography services are fully licensed and we hold all the necessary permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This means your photoshoot will be conducted professionally, legally and safely.

Here’s how our drone photography services can help your business fly.

Drone photography for marketing

Overhead and elevated drone photography gives you an ideal way to showcase your property or development. It’s especially effective for photographing:

  • Heritage sites
  • Business premises
  • Construction sites
  • Venues and resorts
  • Bridges and roadways
  • Properties and estates
  • Developments and complexes
  • Landscaping and garden work.

Show a new perspective

When you photograph on the ground there are often limitations. The ideal vantage point might be impossible to access or existing structures might get in the way.

But a drone can fly anywhere with virtually no restrictions. This means you can get all the dramatic views and angles you want.

Complement your site photo shoot

Drone photography adds another dimension to your standard site photography with spectacular elevated shots.

The drone captures full views of large buildings, developments and schemes from the sky. This gives your customers a whole new perspective and allows them to see the bigger picture.

Maximise your shoot time

When you photograph expansive areas on foot, a large portion of the shoot time can be spent moving from one viewpoint to another.

Using a drone allows you to photograph from different viewpoints while standing in one place, which means more of that time can be spent taking photographs.

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Is a drone shoot right for you?

If you’re considering drone photography for your business and would like to learn more about how we can help, let’s book a call to discuss your needs.

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Drone inspections and surveys

Using drone photography or videography is a smart way to carry out all your elevated inspection work and surveys.

Here are just some of the benefits of commissioning a drone compared to more conventional methods.

Save time

Traditional surveys can take days — sometimes weeks — to complete. But with a drone survey, they can be achieved in just hours. Using conventional methods, you would have to repeatedly move and reposition an elevated platform to get your shots. But a drone inspection can be carried out all in one go and with much less preparation.

Save money

Drone surveys can be completed quickly and without expensive specialist equipment, which means they cost less. Alternative methods, like using images from a satellite or commissioning a manned aircraft, are not only more expensive, but less effective, too.

Access tricky areas

Drones are small and nimble, which means a drone inspection can reach places that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. Likewise, drone surveys solve the problem of negotiating rugged, awkward and impassable terrains.

Get more accurate data

Drones fly at lower altitudes and can be easily manoeuvred to achieve multidirectional imaging. This improves the quality and accuracy of the survey and inspection images they collect.

Avoid working at height

Elevated inspection work usually requires operatives to be raised up on a mobile platform or scaffold. But this is never recommended if there’s a safer way. Drone inspections give you a safer, ground-operated alternative, which means working at height can be avoided all together.

Planning an inspection or survey?

If you’re planning an elevated inspection or site survey and you’d like to find out more about using our drone services, please get in touch to book a call.

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  • "We had such a great time on our photo shoot with Mark. He was thorough, professional, engaging and we felt relaxed and at ease immediately. This produced great results for us and we would highly recommend his services."

    Nicola Cairns and Annette Holloway - Good Egg Recruitment
  • "My experience dealing with Mark was an absolute pleasure. Mark is professional, results orientated and keeps you informed. Absolutely impeccable service, he delivered when he said he would with a fantastic result. We will be using Mark on all future projects."

    Paul Quinn, Creative Director - Zube Creative Ltd
  • "I booked Mark for our company photo shoot. Wow what a job he did and he was so professional and patient. Best recommendation I have ever had from a friend. I can’t wait to do more work with him in the future. I can’t recommend him highly enough!!!!!!"

    Leanne Powell - The View