Aerial videographer

We offer aerial videography services via drone.

Drone videography gives you high quality video that’s suitable for any commercial purpose. This can include promotional videos — or site surveys and inspection work in real time.

Using a drone will get you high-definition aerial footage with more flexibility than a vehicle-based mast and without the expense of hiring a manned aircraft.

Our accomplished drone videographer is fully licensed and holds all the necessary permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). If you’d like to discuss a drone videography project for your business, please get in touch.

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Aerial surveys

Drone footage is particularly useful if you need to carry out surveys or inspections in places that might be difficult to access.

Examples might include surveys of construction sites or agricultural land, and carrying out roof inspections from the ground.

The drone streams in real time to portable devices, which enables you to see what it’s capturing. And if you need a better view, or to see something in more detail, we can zoom, pan and tilt the camera to get you exactly the footage you need.

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Aerial video

Picture the scene: the camera is filming in front of your property, then rises into the air, delivering breathtaking overhead views.

Aerial video allows you to get dramatic film from the sky, or close-up action footage where filming might otherwise be difficult.

The drone could track your commercial vehicle on the road, document construction work in progress, or safely capture operatives working at height.

If you run a business that’s adventurous in its nature, aerial video is the best medium for capturing the speed, intensity and exhilaration you want your customers to feel.

If you think your business could benefit from aerial video and you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

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What's been said

  • "We had such a great time on our photo shoot with Mark. He was thorough, professional, engaging and we felt relaxed and at ease immediately. This produced great results for us and we would highly recommend his services."

    Nicola Cairns and Annette Holloway - Good Egg Recruitment
  • "My experience dealing with Mark was an absolute pleasure. Mark is professional, results orientated and keeps you informed. Absolutely impeccable service, he delivered when he said he would with a fantastic result. We will be using Mark on all future projects."

    Paul Quinn, Creative Director - Zube Creative Ltd
  • "I booked Mark for our company photo shoot. Wow what a job he did and he was so professional and patient. Best recommendation I have ever had from a friend. I can’t wait to do more work with him in the future. I can’t recommend him highly enough!!!!!!"

    Leanne Powell - The View